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    Ronni Tino Pedersen
    February 16, 2010

    It’s been three months already since New Media Days 09 filled Koncerthuset in Copenhagen. 800 media pros eager to network and be inspired. Yes, we loved it and luckily many of you – those present – did too. Thank you for all your kind and constructive feedback!

    Now the time has come to look forward and for us to plan for New Media Days 10. It’s a most exciting time of year for us: Far out ideas of form and content that will shape the final event are still on Post-Its and being bounced back and forth on a daily basis. Nothing seems impossible… and as you know it’s all about savoring that moment.


    Many ideas come from your feedback, others are unrealized concepts surfacing from office drawers or brand new thoughts sparked by overflowing RSS readers. But we know there’s something we’re missing. There always is.

    A change in media consumption, a promising business model, an exciting start-up or service, a great conference networking model, another conference to be inspired by or anything great that has caught your attention. Let us know – and help us shape New Media Days 10!

    Please tell us what inspires you, here on the blog or anywhere you feel like it:

    Oh yes, and we’ll soon change the graphics on this site to get everybody in the 2010 mindset. Stay tuned. Booting up…

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