Moeed Ahmad

Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Network

MOEED AHMAD joined Al Jazeera in January 2005 and is currently managing a dynamic team which focuses on enhancing Al Jazeera’s presence and engagement with its viewers on the internet and mobile mediums. Successfully launching a number of initiatives his New Media Team has propelled Al Jazeera ahead of the competition, particularly during the coverage of the recent war in Gaza.

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    The Arab World on the Front Edge of Media [2009]

    Social media adoption in the Arab World is booming. Al Jazeera is supporting the development and gaining value from it.

    SPEAKER: Moeed Ahmad (QA) Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Network

    Oil and Conflict. These are the headlines commonly associated with the Arab countries. Let us try something different: Al Jazeera’s New Media Team is operating in a region with the World’s highest youth population ratio and a booming social media adoption. This calls for unusual management decisions and experiments with content and news genres. New headlines: Positive impact on Arab society and clever media business. Moeed Ahmad is heading the initiatives and is here to tell you a different story.

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