Clay Shirky

Writer, Consultant and Professor, NYU

CLAY SHIRKY is a provocative new voice on all things Internet: Web economics and culture, media and society, and the open source movement. His consulting practice focuses on the rise of enabling network technologies. As an adjunct professor at NYU he teaches courses on how our networks shape culture and vice-versa. Shirky has won critical acclaim for his latest book Here Comes Everybody.

About the session

New Motivations and Opportunities – Understanding the Amateur Producer [2009]

Another kind of digital revolution is taking hold and it owes more to social than technological capital.

SPEAKER: Clay Shirky (US) Writer, Consultant & Professor, NYU

As traditional media outlets get more focused on the bottom line, the world’s amateur producers are increasingly creating material for public consumption. Viewed from a traditional vantage point, this behavior looks inexplicable why would they work for free. Behaviors, though, are nothing more than motivations filtered through opportuni- ties; to understand the amateurs, you have to understand both their motivations to participate and the new opportunities they have in today’s media landscape.

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